Unifying a multi-site health corporation

Oak Valley Health

Over the last three decades, the population served by Markham-Stouffville Hospital has grown from less than 150,000 to over 350,000, with a marked shift in demographic representation. To add to the change, the Hospital Corporation itself now also encompasses Uxbridge Hospital, the Reactivation Care Centre in North York, and several community-based services. Together with B3 Strategy, we embarked on a journey to explore a new name, brand platform, and corporate identity that would align and unify the multi-site organization.

The final logo is filled with layers of meaning. The human quality is represented in the three silhouettes, which connect back to the organization’s history and brand equity. A closer look in the mirrored negative space reveals a hidden oak leaf, reflecting growth and the cycle of life, which also supports the new name.
“Because of the broad reaching consultation with many stakeholders and community members in our catchment area, we were able to create a brand, name and visual identity that resonates with the diverse communities we serve.”
Jo-anne Marr, President and CEO, Oak Valley Health
Through our engagement, we uncovered a strong affinity to the existing logo’s story. The final choice retains the feeling of family and community, simplified with an arc dubbed the “life path,” which is expanded upon in the branded applications.
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